Skyline: Accelerating the adoption of Agile mindset & Ways of working

I am impressed by the amount of real work-life value teams have taken from this journey. Not only it was interesting, but it’s applicable. The set of changes in behavior and attitudes initiated have boosted the agile growth and performance of our teams.

Bram de Block

Skyline Communication, Global Agile Lead

computer screen

Technology industry

Multi-team roll out (4 teams)

Hybrid Delivery

The Challenge

Skyline Communication, a leading global supplier in end-to-end multi-vendor Network Management Systems (NMS), Operational Support Systems (OSS), and orchestration software solutions for the broadband and media industry, has long been committed to innovation and service excellence.

However, despite significant investments in Agile methodologies, some leaders and teams were still facing challenges in fully integrating Agile principles into their daily operations.

While Skyline Communication had trained many of its leaders and teams on Agile methodologies, there was a gap in translating this knowledge into effective implementation, hindering the organization’s ability to respond swiftly to market demands and deliver solutions efficiently.

The Breakthrough: How did Miki island Help?

By leveraging the power of immersive experiences, targeted team coaching, and data-driven insights, Skyline Communication fortified its teams with the requisite skills, mindset, and collaborative spirit to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and deliver unparalleled value in the dynamic landscape of the broadband and media industry.

    • Precise Needs Diagnosis: The rigorous team assessments provided invaluable insights about the current team maturity and effectiveness, enabling targeted interventions and focused improvements tailored to the specific needs of Skyline Communication teams.
    • Stage 4 Behavior Practice: The Miki Island simulation workshop served as a dynamic arena for the active practice of high-performance behaviors, fostering collaboration, adaptability, and problem-solving skills essential for Agile success.
    • Shared Leadership and Accountability: The program placed a premium on fostering shared leadership and accountability within teams, nurturing a culture where every member felt empowered to contribute, take ownership, and drive collective success.
    • Accelerated Team Development: Through the integrated approach of the program, Skyline Communication witnessed accelerated progress in team dynamics, swiftly transitioning from Stage 3 to Stage 4, where collaboration, innovation, and adaptability thrived, laying a robust foundation for sustained Agile excellence.

The Outcome: Business Impact


Higher team maturity (from stage 1 to stage 3)

Increased quality of retrospectives & daily stand up

Greater adoption of agile methodologies and processes

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