Microsoft: Boosting Remote team performance

Miki’s island experiential learning program was exactly aligned to our needs to bring the regional team together and create an inclusive and connective tissue between colleagues we have not met for months outside of work meetings. It is a very immersive and energizing program that allowed our team to practice key learnings of high performing teams, inclusive collaboration and agile decision making all for performance improvement back at work!

Anne Lepissier

General Manager, Microsoft


Technology Industry


7 Countries, 50+ Participants

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Virtual Delivery

The Challenge

After more than a year working remotely due to the pandemic, the Microsoft team found itself with key challenges to overcome to ensure a successful year and sustain its high performance!

This included:

  • Missing human relationship between team members
  • New team members that did not know the bigger team
  • Lower team engagement and motivation from employees
  • Vision and strategic priorities for 2021 to be reinforced

The Breakthrough: How did Miki island Help?

By going through Miki island, participants were allowed to have fun and engage in a psychologically safe environment that reflected their key real-world challenges.

Not only did Miki Island allowed them to create an inclusive and connective tissue between colleagues and reinforced team bonding, it was also a great way to practice and learn the key behaviours of success to win in the new business year:

  • Collaborate effectively in a remote world
  • Develop an agile mindset for speed of decision making
  • Play to win mentality to gain market share and remain leader in their industry
  • Break down silos ways of working


The Outcome: Business Impact


3-month team action plan for enhanced business performance


Aligned with business strategy: from good to great!


Agile & Collaborative Mindset

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