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From team offsites to team coaching journeys or enterprise roll-out,
Miki Island is the perfect solution to build High Performing Teams at scale!

Game-Based Learning


Virtual or F2F delivery

Built-in debrief and coaching

Integrated Team Assessment

Designed with a research company, Miki Island bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering a unique blend of behavioral science, interactive gameplay, and data-driven insights to build High Performing Teams.


From diagnosing team dynamics with the Group Development Questionnaire® to immersive game-based learning program that mirror real-world team challenges, Miki Island offers a comprehensive approach to elevating your team's performance.


Dive into an experience where learning is both impactful and enjoyable.

The best of all worlds​

Miki Island is at the intersection of fun and engagement,
behavioural science  and technology & data.

Designed with a Research Company

Miki Island is more than just a game. It integrates the Group Development Questionnaire® and Integrated Model of Group Development from Susan Wheelan’s research to ensure higher learning effectiveness and business impact.

Engaging & Immersive Development

With its blend of entertainment and purpose, players find themselves immersed in a fun and enjoyable journey that fosters team cohesion and learning.

Behavioural Analytics & Data-driven Insight

Miki Island leverages behavioral data and comprehensive team assessments to tailor and customize programs precisely to the needs of each client, ensuring targeted development strategies that maximize team effectiveness and performance.

Business Impact

Miki Island delivers significant business impact through measurable outcomes that drive sustained growth and organizational success.

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How does Miki Island really work?

Miki Island works by combining interactive gameplay with evidence-based methodologies to enhance team dynamics and performance. Participants engage in experiential learning activities, undergo comprehensive team assessments, and participate in debrief sessions to reflect on their experiences. This process fosters a psychologically safe environment where teams can practice high-performance behaviors and develop actionable strategies for continuous improvement.

> Miki Island Gameplay
> Learning Outcomes

Is it just a game?

Miki Island is much more than just a game. Designed with a research company, Miki Island is an immersive game-based learning program that includes team assessments, interactive workshops, debrief sessions, as well as the creation of actionable 90-day plans.


This holistic approach ensures that teams not only enjoy a fun and engaging experience but also gain valuable insights and strategies to enhance their performance and achieve sustained success.

What is the methodology used to build High Performing Teams?

Our methodology to build high-performing teams is based on the Integrated Model of Group Development (IMGD) by our research partner, Susan Wheelan, with the four stages of team development.


This evidence-based approach ensures that teams progress through these stages effectively, enhancing their dynamics and overall performance.

This holistic approach ensures that teams not only enjoy a fun and engaging experience but also gain valuable insights and strategies to enhance their performance and achieve sustained success.

What happens after the game?

Miki Island game is only the starting point. The real magic happens through the debrief and coaching conversations where teams are able to identify key learnings and reflect on how to bring it back at work for performance improvement. 


In addition to team workshops, we offer a range of solutions to continue your team’s development, from half-day team workshops to comprehensive 6-month team development journeys. These programs are designed to build on the insights and skills gained during Miki Island, ensuring sustained growth and long-term success for your team.

How do you measure success?

Success in Miki Island is measured through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Comprehensive team assessments provide data on team dynamics, communication, and performance. Feedback from participants during debrief sessions offers insights into individual and team growth.


Additionally, the implementation of 90-day action plans allows for tracking progress and evaluating the impact of the program on achieving specific goals. Measurable outcomes, such as improved collaboration, enhanced leadership skills, and increased productivity, demonstrate the program’s effectiveness in driving sustained success.

I'm interested to get certified, what's the next step?

We invite you to our next Miki island Demo to experience it first: secure your spot early, space is limited. 

If you are already sure that it is for you, you can get in touch directly and schedule a call to join the next certification program!

I want to use Miki Island for something else than High Performing Team, is that possible?

Yes, Miki Island is regularly used by our partners around the world to cover a wide range of topics such as: resilience, agile ways of working, effective communication, situational leadership, managing conflicts, strategy & tactics etc… 


As a partner, you get access to our library of materials and content to deliver all of those workshops for your own clients. 

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