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Elevate your workshops, team coaching and leadership development programs with Miki Island.


Miki Island in Numbers!

25,000+ Participants

20+ Countries

200+ Certified Facilitators

95% Satisfaction Rate

You're just three steps away!

Secure your spot in our next demo workshop and experience Miki Island firsthand to discover why it has transformed teams worldwide.


This is a 3 half-day in-depth virtual workshop to get you familiar with the platform and all the resources to support your coaching programs with Miki Island.

Includes a Go-to-market strategy workshop as well to brainstorm on how to bring this new solution to your clients in your market!


You’re now a certified partner and ready to add Miki Island to your list of services, with ongoing support from our team. We will work with you to bring the Miki Island experience to your clients and target market.  

Our Partner Program

At Miki Island, we understand the power of synergy and importance of fostering win-win relationships.

Our  partner program recognizes distinct categories of partners and outlines benefits and requirements for each partner type: Miki Island Ambassadors, Technology partners, Research partners and Solution partners.

Join our growing network of Miki Island partners around the world!

Integrate Miki Island into your team coaching and leadership development programs to future-fit your business, create new and recurring revenue opportunities and scale your impact!

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