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My name is Tim! Passionate change management practitioner with a focus on innovation and operational excellence. With Hive17 Consulting, we are delivering services to enable teams to give their best; with assessments, facilitation, mentoring, observations and coaching. I am a certified Miki Island partner in Singapore.

Tim Wieringa

certified Miki Island partner


Technology Industry


Multi roll-out workshops


Asia Pacific

There are mentorship programs, and then there are transformative mentorship programs. Sometimes, you walk into a client’s office and immediately sense a unique, positive culture—a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results. The challenge lies in maintaining and enhancing this culture, especially during rapid growth.

VISEO, the Positive Digital Makers, has launched a mentorship program designed to do just that: to select and empower custodians of the VISEO way of working. I’m incredibly grateful to play a pivotal role in this initiative, driving change in the Asia-Pacific region.

Last week, I had the privilege of conducting a series of Miki Island workshops at our Cebu, Philippines office, which has nearly doubled in size over the past year and is expected to continue growing. VISEO’s mentorship program aims to embed our core values and way of working—centered on excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning—by creating a support structure for new employees.

The program includes two meticulously planned mentorship training sessions, which have been a transformative experience for me and my colleagues. Tim Wieringa, a seasoned professional from @Hive17, brought a wealth of expertise, turning the sessions into invaluable mentorship and learning opportunities.

The program’s goals are clear: building confidence and ownership for mentors and their mentees. It underscores the company’s commitment to continuous learning and the belief that a strong foundation in our way of working leads to excellence and quality for our customers—in skills, behavior, values, and culture. This is a clear Win-Win-Win for the company, its employees, and its customers. These Miki Island workshops mark the beginning of a long-term change management journey.

” Feedback from mentors has been unanimously positive. This program is a true game-changer in our exciting journey of growing a team of consultants here in the Philippines. I’m eager to continue supporting them with this newfound energy.”
@Christian Richert, VISEO Philippines


“Covering a diverse range of topics, the mentorship training sessions were designed to refine skills, enhance leadership qualities, and nurture professional relationships. Tim Wieringa’s dynamic and interactive approach ensured active engagement and participation throughout.”
@Mardie Beverly Yagonia, VISEO Philippines

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