Engaging Impactful team workshops

Discover how Miki Island transforms your team coaching programs with immersive gameplay and research-backed methodologies to coach and build agile and high-performing teams in practice.

They used Miki Island to build Agile & High Performing Teams

Play your way to better team performance!

Explore how Miki Island transforms traditional team workshops into dynamic, game-based learning experiences, fostering agility and high performance among participants. Our innovative program, developed in collaboration with research partners, equips team coaches and training partners with tools to cultivate effective teamwork in diverse environments.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Miki Island is at the intersection of fun and engagement, behaviour science and research and technology and data.

Engage everyone with Interactive Gameplay and Challenges

Interactive gameplay and challenges within Miki Island are designed to actively engage every team member, regardless of their role or level of experience.

By offering diverse challenges and opportunities for interaction, Miki Island ensures that every participant remains fully immersed and invested in the team building experience, ultimately enhancing overall engagement and fostering stronger connections among team members.

Practice the behaviours of High Performing Teams

Facilitated discussions and reflections within Miki Island provide invaluable opportunities for teams to unpack their collective experiences, extract key insights, and deepen their understanding of group dynamics.

Guided by skilled facilitators, these sessions encourage open dialogue, promote active listening, and cultivate a culture of mutual respect and learning, enabling teams to translate gameplay experiences into actionable strategies for real-world challenges.


Customize the debriefs and learning outcomes

In Miki Island, customized debrief sessions are tailored to the specific dynamics and challenges encountered during gameplay, ensuring that participants extract actionable insights relevant to their team's context.

Through these sessions, teams reflect on their experiences, identify strengths, and pinpoint areas for improvement, translating gameplay lessons into tangible strategies for enhanced collaboration, leadership, and performance in their real-world endeavors.

Especially for remote and virtual teams, Miki Island experiential learning program from aeqlia is a great way to practice teamwork for performance improvement. The combination of doing and reflecting as well as being both concrete and theoretical is promising for learnings about team development!

Christian Jacobsson

Head of Research, GDQ Associates

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