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Technology partners are instrumental allies in our mission to elevate the Miki Island experience to new heights.

These companies bring innovative solutions, expertise, and capabilities that seamlessly integrate with our platform, enriching the user experience and expanding functionality. Through collaborative efforts, we harness the power of their technologies to unlock new possibilities, whether through immersive simulations, advanced analytics, or seamless user interfaces.

Together, we synergize our strengths to create a dynamic and immersive learning environment that empowers teams to thrive and excel in today’s fast-paced world.


  • Promotion within our network
  • Increased exposure and access to new markets
  • Opportunity for creativity and innovation within area of expertise

Butter is a delightful platform that allows you to effortlessly plan, run and recap super-engaging workshops, trainings, and meetings with Butter’s built-in agenda planner, integrated collaboration tools and auto-generated recaps—all in one place.

Adenium is a behavioural AI company. Behavioral data can unlock a wealth of insights for your organization. Adenium makes it easy to measure, assess, and predict behavioral patterns that lead to successful business outcomes.

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