Research Partner

A research partner is an esteemed organization that brings specialized expertise and competency in fields such as organizational effectiveness, high-performing teams, leadership, and related domains. They serve as invaluable allies in our quest to ensure the profound business impact of our Miki Island solution.

Founded by Dr Suzan Wheelan and built on the IMGD Model of High Performing Teams, GDQ Associates provides a variety of simple and effective tools that help groups to develop and become more effective.

Visit GDQ Associates Website

Through collaborative efforts, we leverage their research insights to continually enhance and refine our offerings, ensuring they remain at the forefront of cutting-edge knowledge and practice.

Together, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering organizations to achieve optimal team dynamics and sustained excellence.


  • Promotion within our network
  • Access to real-world application
  • Data access and insights (in line with GDPR)
  • Increased exposure and access to new markets
  • Opportunity for creativity and innovation within area of expertise

Especially for remote and virtual teams, Miki Island experiential learning program from aeqlia is a great way to practice teamwork for performance improvement. The combination of doing and reflecting as well as being both concrete and theoretical is promising for learnings about team development!

Christian Jacobsson

Head of Research, GDQ Associates

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