Behavioural Analytics & team Assessment

Miki Island seamlessly integrates advanced behavioral analytics and comprehensive team assessment features to provide invaluable insights into team dynamics

They use Miki Island for team coaching!

In-game behavioural and data analytics

You can analyze data and behaviouras in Miki island through game analytics and observed behaviours::

  • Game Score
  • Speed of decision making
  • Stop & Reflect of the team
  • Team effectiveness level
  • Maturity stage of the team
  • Developmental areas of the team

Designed with a research company

Miki Island is more than just a game. It integrates the Group Development Questionnaire® and Integrated Model of Group Development from Susan Wheelan’s research to ensure higher learning effectiveness and business impact.

Diagnose your team needs

Integrated in the platform, the GDQ report® is an intuitive tool that provides deep insights into your group. The group members answer a questionnaire to get an insightful team repor.

Data-driven journey to Stage 4 High Performing Team

Integrated in the Miki Island Platform, the GDQ report® empowers your team to evaluate its group maturity level, gauge team effectiveness and productivity ratios, and pinpoint crucial areas for development.


Diagnose your team maturity level

Diagnosing team maturity entails assessing productivity, collaboration, decision-making, and overall performance to understand your team's development stage and areas for growth

  • Stage 1: Dependency and Inclusion
  • Stage 2: Counter-dependency & Fighting
  • Stage 3: Trust & Structure
  • Stage 4: Work & Productivity

Team Effectiveness & Productivity Ratio

Team Effectiveness & Productivity Ratio measures the efficiency and output of a team relative to its resources and objectives.

It helps identify areas where teams can enhance their performance and achieve optimal results within their given constraints.

Subscale Analysis and Development Needs

Subscale Analysis involves dissecting specific components within team dynamics, such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving, to pinpoint strengths and areas needing improvement.

By identifying these subscales, teams can tailor their development strategies to address specific needs effectively.

This targeted approach enhances team cohesion and performance by focusing efforts on key areas of development.

Customized coaching modules based on the team needs

Miki Island empowers you to tailor coaching modules based on the intricate team diagnoses derived from gameplay observations.

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