Growth Leaders

The role of a Growth Leader within the Miki Island community is pivotal in fostering expansion, collaboration, and influence.

Miki Island Growth Leaders are entrusted with the task of not only identifying potential partners and coaches but also cultivating meaningful relationships that propel the Miki Island ecosystem and community of partners forward.

They serve as architects of alliances, forging connections that transcend boundaries and unite like-minded individuals under the banner of agile and high-performing teams.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Identify potential partners and coaches to join the Miki Island community and run certification programs.

  • Facilitate collaborations and strategic alliances to expand the reach of Miki Island

  • Provide support and guidance to new partners and coaches joining the community.

  • Actively participate in networking events, conferences, and industry gatherings to promote Miki Island.

  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the Miki Island community.

Special rewards

  • 20% license discount

  • Eligible to “Tropical Virtuoso” gold tier partner yearly awards

  • Receive Miki Island Growth Leader package (branded goodies, t-shirt and miki island card game)

Miki Island in Numbers!

25,000+ Participants

20+ Countries

200+ Certified Facilitators

95% Satisfaction Rate

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