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My name is Leila and I am a Tech Marketing Leader turned into a Self-leadership Coach an Trainer, helping high achievers to become influential leaders through the skills and the mindset that combines both high performance and personal well-being.

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The Hidden Enemy of Sustainable Success Is…Complacency

by Leila Boutaleb-Brousse, certified Miki Island partner

This is a lesson from Robin Sharma’s latest book, “The Wealth Money Can’t Buy.” Success feels great, but it’s a risky comfort zone. Top performers understand that the moment you think you’ve made it is exactly when you’re most vulnerable. That’s why they maintain a beginner’s mindset, always eager to learn and improve.

I witnessed this recently at a Miki Island workshop I hosed for the brilliant and energetic AB Tasty APAC team.

The Miki Island Experience

During the Experience, where the goal isn’t just to survive the hostile island within a limited time but also to win the race, they demonstrated all the characteristics of a high-performing team: clear communication, inclusive decision-making, and sharp focus on their goals. Even after a setback in the first round, they regrouped, learned quickly, and triumphed in their next attempt, showcasing their resilience and determination.

The team Assessment

Following the game, we conducted an online team assessment that confirmed our observations: AB Tasty APAC operates at Stage 4—the pinnacle of team performance. This level is marked by cohesive teams with a clear vision, flexible and open communication, and a commitment to maintaining high performance without sacrificing well-being.

In our follow-up workshop, the team didn’t rest on their laurels. They dove deep into strategizing on how to leverage their strengths and explore new ways to excel without burning out.

Key learnings

🌟Keep Growing: There’s always room for improvement, even for the best.
🌟Learn from Setbacks: Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.
🌟Balance is Key: High performance and well-being should go hand in hand.

Working with leaders and teams committed to excellence drives and energizes me!

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