Carta: Offering a fun and impactful activity to kick start the conversation on team performance

Engaging and hands-on, Miki Island is a concrete experience, devoid of abstraction or theory, offering all the essential elements of real-life scenarios. It highlights common pitfalls: unclear objectives or misalignment within teams, the importance of understanding individual roles and the necessity for collaboration to maximize team effectiveness, unexpected challenges, such as a sudden hurricane, mirroring the unpredictability of real-world situations. Miki Island assesses the team's agility and collaborative spirit during crises, showcasing the relevance and applicability of its lessons to real-life scenarios.

Bhavik Vashi

Managing Director, Carta


Software industry


10 teams across 2 business units


Mid-year Offsite Event

The Challenge

Carta, operating with two distinct business units, faced the challenge of harmonizing teams that varied in their levels of interaction. The Managing Director shed light on the complexities:

  • Teams operated both closely and ad hoc, creating unique dynamics within and between product lines.
  • Sales teams across two product lines faced challenges in synergy, with varying levels of interaction.
  • The leadership team, representing both product lines, sought a cohesive strategy to unite the diverse teams.

Key Challenges:

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: Navigating the complexities of teams working closely and ad hoc.
  • Sales Team Synergy: Improving collaboration between sales teams across different product lines.
  • Leadership Alignment: Ensuring cohesive leadership strategies for both business units.

The Breakthrough: How did Miki island Help?

Engaging through the Miki Island experience, Carta underwent a transformative journey to become a more high-performing team. Miki Island simulated the challenges and dynamics of a fast-paced and high-pressure environment.

  • Team Structure Insights: Choosing to keep teams within their day-to-day interactions revealed valuable insights into team dynamics and functionality.
  • Game-Confirmed Observations: The game confirmed existing observations, highlighting the strengths of certain teams and areas for improvement in others.
  • Role and Responsibility Dynamics: The game showcased the impact of defined roles and responsibilities on decision-making efficiency, emphasizing the importance of team dynamics.
  • Iterative Learning: Teams that initially struggled eagerly embraced the opportunity to play again, incorporating lessons learned for enhanced performance.
  • Strategic Shifts: The distinction between playing to win and playing not to lose led to diverse and innovative strategies.

The Outcome: Business Impact


Miki Island rated best activity of offsite event


Common language and reinforced vision


Ownership & Growth Mindset


Honest and transparent conversations

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