Miki Island: program demo, learning outcomes, gameplay

The Group Development Questionnaire® and the Integrated Model of Group Development based on Susan Wheelan’s research form the foundation of a new, digital solution developed with the purpose to enhance team performance through gamification.

This new team intervention is made possible through a collaboration between GDQ Associates and aeqlia. Both partners share a strong belief that learners and teams can get the best of all worlds: a fun, collaborative and engaging learning experience based on proven research and methodology to improve their performance on-the-job. All digital and remote.

Why does it work?
The team’s performance in Miki Island is directly connected to their ability to
demonstrate and apply the behaviors and characteristics of high performing & agile teams!

The teams in Miki Island reflect the teams back @ work:

  • Functional Roles in the team
  • Common vision and shared goals
  • Interdependence of team members
  • Communication, collaboration and feedback
  • Collaborative decision-making to accomplish the goal needed
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