Darvin Widjaja: Bringing Miki Island to the Indonesian Market

We are excited to announce our partnership with Momenta Indonesia, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading business transformation and people development companies with presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, India, China, Taiwan and Vietnam..

Momenta Indonesia as expert in leadership development program is really excited to partner with Aeqlia in bringing Miki Island Gamification to Indonesia market. Momenta Indonesia believes that the impact of learning will be higher if people can practice it right away and Miki Island Gamification will help people to practice their leadership learnings in a fun way!

Darvin Widjaja

CEO, Momenta Indonesia

Momenta epitomizes a forward-looking view and innovative training approach with an ambition to become a preferred global partner in developing people and your business. 

Momenta Indonesia is a performance improvement firm driven to make a difference in organizations through their best assets – people. Our solutions incorporate our client’s values, processes, products and propositions. We are a team of multicultural and multilingual consultants who are backed by years of real-life industry experience. Our solutions are built on cutting-edge methodology that makes learning stick.

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