Shake it up and embrace curiosity with Miki Island workshops!

Welcome to “FOR THE CURIOUS Newsletter”! Your bi-weekly update on High Performing & Agile Teams. A perfect mix of insights from our research partner GDQ Associates, hands-on tips and tricks, and compelling stories, sharing real-life experiences of teams thriving with Miki Island.

Let’s get into it!

So, you’re into team workshops, right? Trying to shake things up, get people on board, and stir up some awareness to make those behavior shifts happen? High-five for that! But wait, imagine this: you’ve set the stage, and after a while, the energy’s playing hide-and-seek. The room’s getting too cozy, engagement is taking a dip and eyes start to shift from yourself and the powerpoint to smartphones…. What can you do?

Ever noticed that magical spark when someone’s genuinely getting curious? Guess what, this is your secret sauce. No fancy terms or bossy jargon here – just good vibes and practical talk. We’re diving into how curiosity is your sidekick in getting folks hooked, active, and totally ready for a behavior makeover. Because that’s what drives performance boost!

Get ready for a joyful ride where curiosity isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s the must for flipping the script on behavior change and getting long-term results for the teams you work with.

Why does that matter Peanut butter & Jelly!

Curiosity and learning? They’re like peanut butter and jelly – a perfect match. No rocket science, just facts. When participants are curious, they’re into it, they get it. It’s that simple joy of wanting to know more and for them to take ownership of their learning and development. And that? That’s your golden ticket to making your workshops click.

From Lecture hall to Learning playground

Now, imagine your workshop as a playground, not a lecture hall. That’s the vibe Miki Island brings – hands-on, interactive, and plain fun. Curiosity thrives here. Participants don’t just listen; they do, they experience, they practice. Who said learning can’t be entertaining?

Now it’s not just plain fun. Miki Island has the right dose of science and research to back it up of course. Designed with our research partner GDQ Associates and infusing their 30+ years of research and development around High Performing Teams into the experience, it allows for powerful debrief and coaching conversations after the experience for performance improvement back at work!

Who is it for?

1. For the Curious Minds:

For the relentlessly curious minds, Miki Island is the ultimate playground. Here, we don’t settle for the ordinary; we dive into challenges that ignite curiosity and take learning to a whole new level. If you’re the type who asks, “What if?” and “Why not?” – welcome to a learning space where the extraordinary is the norm.

3. For the Curious Leaders:
Leaders, Miki Island isn’t about traditional command and control. No bossy vibes, just a space where curious leadership thrives, focused on cultivating self-autonomous teams. There, you ditch the boss routine for a leadership style that empowers team members to innovate, thrive, and take charge of their own journey. No micromanaging here—just curious leaders inspiring a culture where autonomy is the norm.

4. For the Curious Teams:
Teams, gather ’round! Miki Island’s not just about individuals; it’s about the whole crew. Curiosity is your team’s secret sauce for better collaboration and problem-solving. And to find out what will it take to make you a High Performing Team, in practice!
5. For the Curious Facilitators/Coaches:
Facilitators, you’re the captains of this curiosity ship. Miki Island throws in tools and features to make your journey smooth. Dive into the joy of guiding teams on a curiosity-fuelled adventure. Trust us; it’s like leading a parade of ‘aha’ moments!

Summing it up!

Curiosity isn’t a fancy word here; it’s the heart of the matter. Workshops for behavior change and performance improvement aren’t about big words; they start with the simple joy of curiosity. So, let’s get out there, stir up some curiosity, and watch behavior change become the new normal!

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