Welcome to Miki Island, Where Teamwork Rules the Game

Get ready to level up team performance in this epic adventure!

Experience the Miki
Island Adventure

Picture this!

You and your team have just been rewarded with an exclusive end-of-the-year retreat to Hawaii for your exceptional teamwork. You board the plane with everything you need – sun cream, bikinis, and good vibes!

On board, you meet the world-famous adventurer, Grizz. As you soar over the breathtaking Miki Island in the Pacific Ocean, Grizz regales you with tales of her daring discoveries on the island. 

Did you know “Miki” means “Quick & Nimble” in Hawaiian? You have to be lightning-fast to survive there!

Then suddenly, your plane faces technical issues. The rapid atmospheric drop knocks out everyone on board, and the plane crashes on Miki Island. 

You’re awakened only to find your team the sole survivors. 

Together, you must navigate the treacherous island jungle to reach the only rescue point, or everyone dies. 

But time is not on your side – you have a limited number of days to reach the marine base on the other side of the island, and information is scarce! 

The stakes are high, and danger lurks at every turn.

Only a strong team can survive!

Meet Your Dream Team

Assign roles in the game based on members’ strengths and personalities.

On Miki Island, teamwork is not an option – it's the key to survival.

In this simulation, the team will experience how a high-performing team works and learn to become one.


Food and water are scarce, so the team must carefully plan their moves across the island.


The team has 60 minutes to reach the rescue point. Can they make a team decision, or will it become a one-person show?


It’s never what you expect on Miki Island, so the team must adjust its strategies based on what they know before it’s too late.


The team is on their own, and they only have 3 chances to "stop & reflect" during the game to keep a level head and assess the situation.
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Powered by data & technology. Anchored in research. Human above all.

Game-based experiential

A shared digital learning
experience for teams with specific outcomes in mind.

Built on 30+ years of

Extensive research on high-
performing agile teams to deliver high ROI and business impact.

Robustness of behavioral

Uses behavior and research-based team assessment to diagnose and measure performance.

Miki Island takes the team from awareness to behavior change and performance improvement by first understanding the traits of a high-performing team and how it’s built.

The Power of Experiential Learning

Face Challenges in The Game

Solve &

Apply It Back @ Work

Here’s one way you can integrate the Miki Island  experience into your coaching as a Miki-Island certified facilitator.

Face challenges in the game

The experience: Get the team to play their way to better teamwork with Miki Island.

Solve & Learn

The debrief: Discuss how well the team performed on Miki Island using the game analogies integrated into the game design.

Game analogies:

Conflict Management

With so many possible strategies to survive, disagreements and conflicts within the team can happen. But how well can the team handle it?

Accountable Leadership

A lot of factors need to be considered to make sure the team makes it to the rescue point — time, resources, information, etc. And each member has a key role to play.


With only 60 minutes to get to the marine base, the team’s decision-making process will be put to the test.

Virtual Collaboration

Video communication, multiple screens, different roles, and information sharing. Teams will see how well their virtual collaboration skills work!

VUCA Environment

The journey to the rescue point is full of challenges and problems. Will the team persevere and be resilient, or just quit?

Obstacles & Setbacks

The journey to the rescue point is full of challenges and problems. Will the team persevere and be resilient, or just quit?

Resource Management

The team will need specific resources each day to stay alive. Can they maximize their resources for the team?


Teams will have different goals to reach (called “sprints”) in order to get to the rescue point as quickly as possible. Between each sprint, there will be time to review and learn.

Apply it back at work

Business application workshop: Guide the team on how to apply their learnings on Miki Island to solve challenges back at the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

We’ve had fun! Now it’s time to get serious with outcomes.


Everyone gets a seat at the table as they debate, challenge, and brainstorm ideas. All input matters, and nobody feels left out and undervalued.

Team members are not just colleagues; they’re mentors and collaborators, and every challenge is seen as a chance to grow and get better together.

The team is open to new technologies and trends. They’re not afraid to experiment, surf through the unknown, and pivot.

The team takes ownership of their work. They set goals, assign tasks, and regroup to evaluate their results. Instead of being micromanaged, they self-regulate.

Miki Island Achievement Unlocked!

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coaches, and consultants globally

With 25,000+ participants from Fortune 500 companies

Join our expanding, active network of Miki Island-certified professionals.

Integrate Miki Island into your team coaching and leadership development programs to build high-performing agile teams around the world. 

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