Alex Heinrichs: Combining fun with impact!

Miki Island creates a lot of engagement with people, it’s good mix between having fun, working together and experimenting how we work and we make decision. The debrief that comes after the game is backed on research, so the team get to learn about their behaviour and their team dynamic. It is very complementary, it is not just a game, like an escape game that is not related nor puts in perspective the team dynamic.

Alex Heinrichs

CEO & Founder, Esanova

I’m Alexandre Heinrichs, a certified coach, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for well-being. With over 20 years of experience in the demanding banking industry, I’ve gained valuable insights into the pivotal role of well-being and healthy habits in achieving peak performance and a fulfilling life.

My journey has led me to a deep understanding of the power of well-being practices and their impact on personal growth and success. Through years of exploration, I’ve discovered effective strategies, collaborated with specialists, and honed my expertise in coaching, meditation, and Insights MDI—a respected psychometric assessment method.

As an accredited Insights MDI coach, I leverage this powerful tool to provide individuals and teams with valuable insights into their personalities, motivations, and competencies. With this knowledge, I guide them on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, workshops, or team-building exercises, I’m committed to empowering others to thrive personally and professionally.

Driven by my passion for well-being and entrepreneurship, I founded Esonova, the first well-being campus in Geneva. This innovative center fosters collaboration, innovation, and positive change, serving as a hub for groundbreaking well-being practices and a supportive community of well-being professionals.

With a growth mindset and a deep belief in the potential of every individual, I strive to create a positive impact in the lives of those I work with. I am grateful for the incredible individuals and network supporting and guiding me along this journey.

Looking ahead, I am dedicated to expanding my coaching business, creating impactful programs for individuals and organizations, and continuing to build Esonova as a transformative space for well-being.

Let’s unlock your potential, cultivate well-being, and achieve lasting success together.

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