Elevate your team coaching

Discover how Miki Island transforms your team coaching programs with immersive gameplay and research-backed methodologies to coach and build agile and high-performing teams in practice.

They use Miki Island for team coaching!

For any type of teams, any type of needs!

With Miki Island, you can run workshops to build agile and high performing teams
in a fun and engaging way that leads to business impact

Miki Island workshop

Get the team to practice the behaviours of agile and high performing teams and create a shared experience.

Team Assessment

Diagnose team needs, measure the team effectiveness and productivity ratio and identify clear areas of development with a research-based team assessment.

Follow-up Team Coaching Modules

Work through specific team challenges with tailored and customized team coaching modules.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Miki Island is at the intersection of fun and engagement, behaviour science and research and technology and data.

Create a Psychologically safe environment

Miki Island fosters a psychologically safe environment by providing a virtual space where team members can experiment, make mistakes, and learn without fear of judgment.

Practice the behaviours of High Performing Teams

The unique opportunity to play twice immerses teams in practical experiences, emphasizing the application of agile methodologies and the dynamics of high-performing teams over mere theoretical discourse.

Behavioral Observation and Team Diagnosis

Within Miki Island, coaches can meticulously observe team behaviors and interactions and leverage data-driven insights to pinpoint strengths and areas for growth for teams.

Customized coaching modules based on the team needs

Miki Island empowers you to tailor coaching modules based on the intricate team diagnoses derived from gameplay observations.

Especially for remote and virtual teams, Miki Island experiential learning program from aeqlia is a great way to practice teamwork for performance improvement. The combination of doing and reflecting as well as being both concrete and theoretical is promising for learnings about team development!

Christian Jacobsson

Head of Research, GDQ Associates

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