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High Performing & Agile Team Simulation: from theory to practice!

February 27th 2024
5 to 6pm (Singapore Time, GMT +08)
Online Google Meet

This webinar is best for:

  • Team Coaches
  • Agile Coaches & Consultants
  • Leadership & Learning Consultants
  • Head of Learning & Development, Change Managers

What is it all about?

Join us and learn about our new team simulation Miki Island and its integrated team assessment, designed with a research company to enhance and accelerate team’s performance in a fun, engaging and collaborative way.

Already experienced by more than 10,000 participants from leading Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, IKEA, Spotify, Ericsson, and many others!  

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Things you’ll learn:

  • Miki Island experiential program: storyline, gameplay, learning outcomes
  • Integrated team assessment: team effectiveness, maturity level, productivity ratio
  • Learning Outcomes: Building Agile $High performing teams
  • Research & Business Impact: Integrated Model of Group Development by Susan Wheelan, PhD, and the four stages of team development
  • Business Cases: Team Coaching, Leadership Development and Team Building with leading organizations such as Microsoft, IKEA, IBM, Spotify

Analyze what the team needs using GDQ.

Save time with an automated report, enabling quick action and strategy implementation.

Stage Diagnosis

Evaluate team maturity across four defined stages to get clarity on the team’s dynamics.

Team Effectiveness & Productivity Ratio

Track changes in effectiveness and
productivity at the start and end of
the team’s development journey so
you can measure the impact of
your efforts over time.

Subscale Analysis

Identify areas requiring focus
and improvement so you can make informed decisions and targeted efforts to enhance team efficiency and results.

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Delivered by 200+ training companies,
coaches, and consultants globally

With 25,000+ participants from Fortune 500 companies

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