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Elevate your team coaching and leadership development programs with innovative tech-based solutions.

Join our growing community of Miki Island certified facilitators worldwide on a mission to build high performing teams at scale!


Miki Island participants from Fortune 500 companies


Miki Island-certified coaches, consultants, and training
companies worldwide


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Fortune 500 Companies and More Trust Us

Our approach to team
development is simple.

Teams go through four stages to mature and reach their full potential. Our goal is to help them move from Stage 1 to Stage 4, where teamwork feels natural and results are tangible.

Introducing Miki Island, a game-based simulation that mirrors the challenges of teams in the workplace. It’s a fun, engaging game that combines extensive research, behavioral science, and the power of data & technology to accelerate team development.

It’s fun. It’s serious. It’s digital. And it’s scalable!


In-person or virtual delivery so you can train teams wherever they are


Measurable results with proven methodology and data-driven action plan


Highly versatile solutions based on client needs, time, and budget

Your One-Stop Digital Platform for Building High-performing Agile Teams

Miki Island is a game, but that’s not all it is.


Accelerate Team Performance at Various Levels

 Customize your client experience based on their needs, time, and budget.

Ways to help clients and teams with Miki Island

Team Building

To create awareness and bonding. It includes the Miki Island experience, facilitator-led debriefs, business application workshops, and coaching.

🕓  Half day to 2 days customized team building experience

Half day to 2 days customized team building experience

To create behavior change and achieve peak performance. A more in-depth approach that involves an iterative and continuous team development journey.

🕓  3 to 12 months customized team coaching journey

 3 to 12 months customized team coaching journey

To create future leaders of high-performing teams. It includes learning reinforcements that focus on embedding a leadership mindset.

🕓  1 day to 3 months customized leadership program

1 day to 3 months customized leadership program

Our Certification Process

You’re just three steps away!


Book a call with us, and let’s discuss how Miki Island can fit into your existing offerings, open new busines opportunities, and give clarity to your other questions — investment, inclusions, etc.


This is a 3 half-day in-depth virtual workshop to get you familiar with the platform and all the resources to support your coaching programs with Miki Island. 


After attending the workshops, you will be certified and ready to add Miki Island to your list of services, with ongoing support from our team. We will work with you to bring the Miki Island experience to your clients and target market.  

The certification process was fun, efficient and experience- based as we both tried the Miki Island Experience as participants, as well as having a step-by-step facilitators walkthrough of the whole process.

The link to GDQ and IMGD gives it credibility and you can easily see team behaviors from daily work reflected in the Miki Island experience.
It is a great tool to start a leadership or group development program of larger scale, as well as a stand-alone team activity!

I highly recommend it!



What You’ll Get As Our Certified Facilitator

  • Team assessment tools
  • Miki Island team simulation
  • Digital collaboration & learning activities
  • Create teams and sessions
  • How to use our all-in-one platform
  • How to facilitate Miki Island and coach on observed behaviors
  • How to use the GDQ Short for team assessment and the IMGD Model on the 4 stages of team development
  • The foundation and learning philosophy of game-based learning programs and Kolb’s learning cycle
  • How to use our sales materials for team building, team coaching, and leadership programs
  • Access to our exclusive Facilitators
  • Newsletter and Community to keep you updated
  • Get your facilitator guide and platform how-to documents
  • Get exclusive resources on agile and high-performing teams
  • Provision of ready-made sales decks, marketing materials, workshop materials, and original and exclusive courseware materials in many languages
  • Your profile and public events on our website

Join our expanding, active network of Miki Island-certified professionals.

Integrate Miki Island into your team coaching and leadership development programs to build high-performing agile teams around the world. 

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