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The new simulation to build Agile & High Performing Teams

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Data & behavioural analytics

The Miki Island Story & Narrative

Picture this! You and your team have just been rewarded with an exclusive end-of-the-year retreat to Hawaii for your exceptional teamwork. You board the plane with everything you need – sun cream, bikinis, and good vibes!

On board, you meet the world-famous adventurer, Grizz. As you soar over the breathtaking Miki Island in the Pacific Ocean, Grizz regales you with tales of her daring discoveries on the island. 

Did you know “Miki” means “Quick & Nimble” in Hawaiian? You have to be lightning-fast to survive there!

Then suddenly, your plane faces technical issues. The rapid atmospheric drop knocks out everyone on board, and the plane crashes on Miki Island. 

Together, you must navigate the treacherous island jungle to reach the only rescue point, or everyone dies. But time is not on your side – you have a limited number of days to reach the marine base on the other side of the island, and information is scarce! 

Welcome to Miki Island!

On Miki Island, teamwork is not an option – it's the key to survival.

In this simulation, the team will experience how a high-performing team works and learn to become one.


Food and water are scarce, so the team must carefully plan their moves across the island.


The team has 60 minutes to reach the rescue point. Can they make a team decision, or will it become a one-person show?


It’s never what you expect on Miki Island, so the team must adjust its strategies based on what they know before it’s too late.


The team is on their own, and they only have 3 chances to "stop & reflect" during the game to keep a level head and assess the situation.

Select roles & responsibilities in the game!

Why It Works

Miki Island combines the Group Development Questionnaire® and Susan Wheelan’s Integrated Model of Group Development for better learning and business outcomes.


Integrated Data & Behavioural Analytics

Miki Island seamlessly integrates team assessment and behavioral analytics into its gameplay, providing participants with invaluable insights into team dynamics and individual behaviors.

  • Game Score
  • Speed of decision making
  • Productivity level
  • Team effectiveness level
  • Maturity stage of the team
  • Developmental areas of the team

Miki Island Achievement Unlocked!

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